It's pronounced "Larry" in case you were wondering.

Summer, 2014

If you ride a bicycle in Fort Collins this is an invitation to connect with other riders; Road, mountain, commute, utility, any and all types bikes and bike riders.

Join the BikeFC Google+ community (it’s free) and post your bikey pictures, links, thoughts and join in the discussion:

Chances are pretty good you already have a Google account, like from Gmail.

Connect with Twitter. It’s a great tool for sending – receiving quick updates (which I’m sure 99% of us already know). We, as bike riders, can use it to let other riders know what’s going on by including #fcbikes in our bike related tweets.

Follow @BikeFC which is setup to auto-retweet #FCBikes tweets. It will also retweet different combinations of “Fort Collins+Bike” terms. It’s an easy way to see Fort Collins Bike related tweets without doing a detailed twitter search.

PS: Here’s some other Fort Collins hashtags I’m pimping: #FCTrip, #FCMax or #FTCMax all of which will be retweeted by @BikeFC. Know any other hashtags that might be useful??

Post your hashtag suggestions and anything else you can think of that might help riders connect on the BikeFC Google+ community.

Join in!

Email me:  lk at larey dot CC

And now, some none verbalized content: