It's pronounced "Larry" in case you were wondering.

May, 2014

Just a few words about the Twitter name @fcbikes

I registered @fcbikes to make sure it is available to anyone serious about using it for the benefit of Fort Collins riders.

I was using @fcbikes to do retweets, but decided to switch that over to @BikeFC since "fcbikes" is kinda-sorta City of Fort Collins branding. The City doesn’t seem to care about leveraging fcbikes on the internet or social media, but never the less, it is theirs

So I switched over to @BikeFC since that was unused, short, and to the point.

Now the Twitter account, @BikeFC is set up to retweet all tweets found with the hashtag #fcbikes (and all sorts of other Fort Collins+Bike search terms since no one uses #fcbikes much).

There's a little more about the domain name here.

Got a better idea? Email me:  lk at larey dot CC

And now, a brief pictorial time line of me: